Frumpy and Busy

Heard from Beautiful Daughter. She is in Barcelona, heading to London. Her wallet and camera were pick-pocketed while in a square in Barcelona, which is the pick-pocket capital of the world! She'd been warned. Her camera had more than 600 pictures from this European Dream-Come-True trip. Luckily, she'd listened to 1 thing I said and had her passport and license in an under-the-shirt holder. Man, if they'd gotten those, she'd be in BIG trouble. I am so disappointed in her right now...and feel guilty that I don't miss her. I'm a bad mom right now.
I saw a photo of myself from DaVinci Days. At first I didn't recognize that big woman, but I noticed that she had a shirt and capris exactly like mine! Ugh. I'm doing it...I'm going to fix what's broken in my life. I started seeing a counselor last week and I'm really, really happy that we hit it off right away. I hope to gain so much from this experience and learn to focus on the good and quit worrying so much. My weight is directly related to worry and loving food too much!

Handsome Husband and I spent the entire day working on the house upgrades. It's HORRID to have to move everything out, as we have a LOT of everything! However, we almost finished the living room and dining room. We also went to 2 local carpet folks and plan to skip going with Home Depot, as their estimate was more than $2500 off when the final bill came-due...so we dropped them and decided to keep our money local. We'll end up going with Corvallis Floor Covering, as the owner is an old friend and they are EXCELLENT at what they do! Wait until you see the carpet! Funky and colorful! Brightens our spirits!

Summer is settled.


Vita said...

Summer is settled? You will probably have new floors and ceilings before my bathroom is green. You are a couple of dynamos. Oh, yeah.

The Carnivorous Hippy said...

You are NOT a bad mother!!
Now, buck up old chap.