Who remembers FREE WILLY?

I got a full-face memory zapped at me today while geocaching after getting off our boat in Hammond, Oregon. There is was- the man-made jetty that Ol' Silly himself jumped over in order to escape the evil humans and become, finally, a free whale! (Cue in Michael Jackson's song at this point) http://www.keiko.com/

The geocache was AWESOME! One of the toughest and most creative yet! Hubby and I took only about 4 minutes to make the find, while my mother paced back-and-forth, thinking this was really dumb. When I picked it up, however, and showed Hubby and Mom, her eyes actually did light up. "How odd," she said. I guess, from my perspective, since we've driven a total of 14 hours in 2 weekends to catch a damn sturgeon, and have come home empty-handed again, at least I caught a few caches!

It was odd! Very, very odd. Would've never thought of it, myself. However, I plan to make use of the idea soon for a Corvallis-area cache! TNLNSL

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missburrows said...

maybe she would like it more if you let her pick the booty you left behind...or if you got her an iphone