We Placed the Order!

This is the carpet we've ordered. No, I'm NOT kidding. Handsome Husband and I have been looking at flooring for years. In the past month, we finally got serious and made the move. We've looked at hundreds of carpet samples and we kept coming back to this! I'm so proud of him, as it's HIS first choice and it's stylin'!

We're ending up going with Corvallis Floor Covering. The owner is an old friend of mine, not that that influenced our decision, but they have an excellent reputation. Originally, we'd gone to Home Depot and set everything up. Ugh. They suck. That's that. Cheaper prices but we don't trust the labor nor the final estimate. Besides, this way we're keeping our money local!
Hired 2 20-year-olds in the neighborhood to help move the last of the big furniture from the 2 biggest rooms. Between the 2 of them, there was an additional 750 pounds of young meat in our home. When one bent down to lift part of our hutch, I saw something that left me partially blind in my left eye. He REALLY needs a belt, I tell you!


The Carnivorous Hippy said...

I like the carpet! Keepin' it snazzy...fo shizz...

Vita said...

Oh, la! You're a scream.