Ooo! What if it's in my eyes now?!

Poison Oak! P.O. I now call it FPO (YOU can figure out the "F" part!)

I spent a few bucks on Technu and can only hope it works!

I'm not kidding! We were in the midst of an FPO Ocean! I kept saying, "We'll be fine. The cache is only a few hundred feet away. We can make it. Just be careful. This shouldn't be a problem When people see poison oak (FPO) on our legs, they'll think it's cool, cause we can say we got it while out geocaching! Don't turn back, Carnivorous Hippy. We're almost there. Here, just push this big bush of oak (FPO) aside with your shoe. No problems. Oops. I just rubbed my eyes. Oh no! I saw you just pull up your sock! Shit!"

Arrgghh! A good day ended quickly. Ended up in the shower, stripping off everything and throwing it into the washer with DISHSOAP, hoping to salvage my favorite shorts. I scrubbed so hard on my arms and legs with Technu that I'm a little raw now. I just HOPE, HOPE, HOPE no blisters arise! I'm leaving on a trip with Handsome Husband tomorrow to the San Juan Islands! No FPO, please!


(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

Oooooh, have fun in the San Juans!

Vita said...

Technu works, and if you missed a spot, so does the medicine you can get at the doctor's. I hope you had a good trip. But, um, geo cacheing is an FPO sort of game.