Hydrangeas on a Sunday Morning...

While out sipping coffee and eating breakfast in the garden with my husband (we hvae no table/chairs in the house while the remodel is going on), I noticed that many of my hydrangeas have opened, now that it's late July. Grabbed the camera for some quick photos before heading in to begin priming the ceilings.Varigated Lacecap
Porcelain Hydrangea- rare and wonderful!
mixed mopheads
Little hiding mophead
Oakleaf Hydrangea
More of the oakleaf
Bluebird Lacecap Hydrangea
Little baby I planted 2 years ago. It peeks out from all of its older peers, but its color gives it strength amongst the giants!
Soft pastel pink/yellow mophead
Sisters from a foreign land- both were created in England back in the 1600s.
Along a backyard path
Nice little mix under the oak tree
Lacecap mixture
Another porcelain hydrangea
I believe this was called a "Hanging Bells" hydrangea, but I've lost track.

Ver rare Leatherleaf Hydrangea. I've nurtured this one for 7 years and it's now more than 8 feet tall in a "secret" shade garden!
I "created" this one. It's a long story. Someday, I'll explain...
Black-stem Hydrangea- one of my favorites!
Little bluebird lacecap I got at the Farmer's Market about 6 years ago.
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Vita said...

On a trip up the Columbia, we stopped at the fish hatchery near Bonneville Dam, where they have big old sturgeon just for fun and public viewing, and hydrangeas because they can. A guide, or maybe it was signs, it's been a while, said they turn pink or blue because of what they're fed. The flowers, not the fish. Do you have any experience of that?

Anonymous said...

You have the most beautiful yard! I have never seen so many different varieties of hydrangeas.

I used to live in Corvallis years ago. It has really grown over the past twenty years. Still a great place to live I expect. (Astoria is not so bad either!)


(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

So beautiful! Please don't ever let me near your plants. They will run, screaming for their lives just like mine have done. Oh how I wish my thumb was green!

Mrs. Staggs said...

I'm so glad that you invited me over to see your beautiful hydrangeas. They are stunning. I hadn't seen some of these varieties before, nor a hydrangea in as brilliant of a blue. Your garden must be truly lovely right now. Thanks for the visit!