I Don't Like Zydeco

I'll admit it to you.

I actually get so sick while listening to the repetitive, continuous, boring music.

There are no lights to stimulate me.

There are no athletic dancers in front of the stage...just shaggy haired men and women wearing skirts and t-shirts, who are also shaggy-headed. They twirl each other around and say things like, "Yee-haw," forgetting that they're listening to a completely different genre.

I don't like the sound of the French language in this music, cause it's not really French. It's, well, kind of Canadian/Louisianan. Argue all you want, when I think of the romantic sound of a Frenchman wooing a woman, I ain't seein' no accordion in the picture.

DaVinci Days music has traditionally been really good. Tonight. Eh. Boring and repetitive.

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Vita said...

I am going to dare to be honest, like you, and say I don't like those drum circles. Endless repetitive irritating. Worse than just boring. Oh, dear. I hope no one hates me now.