Moving into Phase #4594 as we continue to quest to turn our 1969 ranch-style home into an Arts-and-Crafts-Style home. This week's adventure? Ceilings and Floors!

Snapped some quick photos, as I've done throughout the 7 years of work we've put into this place.

Hubby is continuing to remove all of the crap-errr-I mean- "texture" from the ceilings. Whoever invented that popcorn/cottage cheese s**t should be made to breathe in its nasty dust! Ah, we can see the light! This is the line of truth and knowledge.
Here's one corner of the formal living room area. It's tough to imagine how much furniture was in here just a short time ago. Everything is out and the work continues.
THIS is why we have to put in new carpeting! Uncle Theo, the Wonder Basset, had a very bad habit of stressing out when we first brought him home from the rescue place in Boise. For him, releasing stress came in the form of urine. Yes, folks, that dog pee-peed all over our carpet! I'll admit, however, that it's a blessing and a curse for me, as I HATED that carpet on the day we moved in. The previous owners had put in new carpet in order to sell the house. Now, imagine one of our older state representatives, in her 70's, having carpet put in. You got it, folks...peachy-pink, thickly soft, uuuggglllyyy carpet. Because of Theo the Wonder Basset, there is a clear and distinct reason for removal! Hooray! OK, so now I would guess that our dogs have cost us more than $20,000 over the years, not including food. Vet bills, surgeries, fencing, carpet, and chewed up furniture.


Vita said...

Is all your furniture just scattered around the garden or is it SOMEWHERE ELSE?

BoggyWoggy said...

It's in the shop/garden room, carport, and garage! We also have some things in "Albin's Room," the small guest room he lived in. That's where Geo. and I will begin living tonight. Ugh...

Stephanie said...

Popcorn ceilings area curse!! You are a brave one!!